Five Minutes of Freedom

Over the past fifteen months I have been researching and writing a novel on the samizdat movement in 1970s  Czechoslovakia. The story was sparked by a poem, a partially remembered song and the life of the Russian dissident Natalya Gorbanevskaya. Every now and again I come across some new information about the era and a new website.

This weekend I have stumbled across a website devoted to documentaries. Of most immediate interest to me is the film 5 Minutes of Freedom. This is a film about the Warsaw Pact countries invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968.

5 Minutes of Freedom trailer

Information about the film

One of the anti-invasion protesters arrested in Moscow was Natalya Gorbanevskaya, whose book about the trials I mentioned in a previous post. She pops up in the film about those protests.

Totally unrelated, but also of interest, are two films about being outsiders in Russia. One is Leninland – the story of supporters of Lenin. A further film is Olya’s Love which is an LGBT film.

All the above films are documentaries about the experience of being different in Russia. Being a Russian in Russia is, of course, an interesting experience at all times and in all situations. Something we in the West should learn more about, perhaps….



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