The zen of freedom from stuff


The konmari method of tidying, folding and selecting to keep only things which are useful and / or bring happiness can be applied to a writer’s life.

We writers need to declutter our desks, our living spaces, our desktops, our external drives and our writing to give ourselves room to develop our ideas.

Be ruthless. Delete programs and documents you do not use. Create meaningful folder and file your documents away to create a clutter free desktop. Root out multiple versions and copies of stories. Do you really need to keep them? If not get rid of some of them.

What about the “How to…” books? Do you actually use them? If not, sell them or give them to a charity shop. Those notes. Scan them and put them in the cloud or on your ereader account.

Lots of photos in a boxes? Get a photo scanner app and scan them onto your phone then save them in the cloud or on a memory stick.

Each week I either throw something away or recycle it. The liberation is wonderful and I delight in seeing the emptiness in my flat.

As I reduce the amount of stuff I own I reduce the amount of time and energy I dedicate to it. In return I increase the amount of time I have for reading, thinking, writing, photography, listening to music and so on. I find myself becoming more productive and more content at the same time.

It may be possible to konmari my way into finishing my novel.