Jumping on the Bandwagon

East London on a very cold early February morning. The tube system buggered up by TFL who decided to cut north west London off from the capital forcing residents to endure the rail replacement bus service which passes for transportation on a London weekend or bank holiday. A huge empty shell which was once a major London brewery. A queue of people starting on the first floor, going down the steep stairs and stretching round three sides of said building, spilling over into trendy Brick Lane.

Inside the kind of dog runs you find in airports and banks, funnelling people up and down towards their goal. It is cold, very cold. Acquire a paper wrist band so can go in and out. Arrive at the action. There’s an interview with Adam Price the writer of Borgen, Sidse Babett Knudsen who played the first female Danish Prime Minister before there was actually a female Danish Prime Minister and the spin doctor Pilou Asbaek. All conducted in English, which these Danes speak as well as an educated native. The microphones don’t work properly and the organisers have run out of the headphones you need to hear anything at all. There are not enough chairs and there is only one screen projecting the interview. Give up. Did I mention that it was bloody cold?

I liked Borgen 1 and 2 as the PM was portrayed as a strong determined woman with principles overcoming the odds, such as betrayal by her husband and a child having a meltdown. Gave up on series 3 after two episodes. Very glad to hear there will not be series 4 but I do like the acting style of Sidse Babett Knudsen, so I hope we see her again soon.

Fancied watching the Bun Off but there was a stand off between the organiser and a section of the audience who refused to leave their seats so the event could be set up. Went off for the much publicised Scandifood since not much was happening there. Queued for ages for food only to discover it consisted of hot dogs or meatballs with mashed potato. There were no hot drinks. The food was provided by a British company selling specialising in Scandinavian food. IKEA does it better, if you are reading guys.

Managed to get a seat at the front of Screen 2 to watch The Bridge episode 9. I haven’t seen series 2 so didn’t know who anyone was apart from the two detectives. That didn’t matter as it was interesting. Having got a seat and some headphone I stayed where I was. Next up was a session in which Carsten Bjornlund and Marie Askehave talked about the world wide success of the Killing. The moderator was a guy called Neil Midgley, whose claim to fame is having temporarily lost the famous Sara Lund jumper in Edinburgh, and Emma Kennedy whose claim to fame is that she wrote a totally pointless book on The Killing. Carsten looked bored and disinterested, Emma Kennedy was annoying and Marie Askehave was very chatty and interesting. It was still bloody cold. Several people got up and left, which was probably a good alternative to smothering Emma Kennedy was a mini Sara Lund sweater.

Emma Kennedy

Emma Kennedy and a mini Sara Lund sweater. We were meant to be impressed, I think.

Next up it was the discussion with Hakan Nesser, Arne Dahl and Barry Forshaw. This, for me, was the saving grace of the whole event. The two authors were fluent, interesting and actually discussed their books. Barry Forshaw didn’t detract from the event, making him the best interviewer of the day.

I left after this interview. TFL had no restored any trains to NW London so I had to take two buses. It took 2 hours to get home and I then had the pleasure of sitting in front of a hot fire wishing I had gone to my creative writing class instead.

PS The boss of Arrow Films has admitted it was a disaster and is refunding the ticket price of £27.50 to those complained. Well done.